Who Benefits?

Retailers & Suppliers

Pharmacy Sales & Stock Management System, with a network of Suppliers, Retailers, Patients and Physicians

Patients & Physicians

Informative platform on where Required Medicines can Easily be Obtained

Health Organizations

Big Data Analytics on Drug Consumption provide Insights that guide Decision making.

Key Benefits (Pharmacies)

Real-time Stock Monitoring

Real time information about the state of your stocks, with alerts on Understocking, Overstocking and Expiry Details.

Real-time Revenue Monitoring

Real-time information on the Sales Revenue and Items on credit

Automatic Stock Inventory

Automatically records stock changes over a defined interval, deduce expected revenue and losses.

Key Features (Pharmacies)

Sales Automation

Dispatch stocks by expiry dates, provide statistic details for every sale performed by every employee, with refunding capabilities in case of wrong sale or change of item bought.

Stock Management

Create and modify stock parameters

Cloud Management

Perform Management operations as well as review stock and revenue statistics from anywhere

Drug Expiry Management

Alerts and Details about stocks as they approach expiry dates

Bar Coding

Use of Barcode Scanners to simplify Checkout and Inventory

National Drug Standardization

Standardized database of Approved Drugs by WHO & MINSANTE according to INN and Brand Names. Simplifying Collaboration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What if there's NO INTERNET?

vehHealth does not require internet for sales operations within your facility. You only need internet to monitor and control from a distance. So, without internet, your business operations will smoothly run within the facility. And for your remote monitoring and control, the good news is, your connectivity must not be real-time; vehHealth gives you the opportunity to catch up whenever it detects Internet Connectivity.

My Employees are not Computer Literates...

Anybody using vehHealth only needs to know how to read and write basics. Sales and Management activities are automated by vehHealth, requiring the user to mostly make selections. And the dedicated training team spends ample time with your facility to update the employees.